Thursday, October 2, 2008

Inherited kittens are never the brightest

Lately, Anne Frank has decided my sofa is the most ideal location for her to start taking her leaks.

I immediately spray it down with cleaner, scrub it 'til the colour bleeds, cover it with pungent lemon air freshener. It doesn't look like piss, it doesn't smell like piss, and unless you read this, you'd never know there was cat piss there at all.

Yet, she'll do the same thing tomorrow. Anyone have any idea how I can break this habit without breaking her neck? 'Cause one or the other is bound to happen.

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Lynn Lin said...

Here are some tips:
1. Feed Anne Frank on the coach.
Cats are clean freaks, they tend not to pee at the eating place.
2. Keep spraying at her as soon as
3. Scare her when she gets near to the peeing spot.
Cats hate to be scared, shake a bottle of rocks all of a sudden when she gets near the spot. The more she hates your coach, the less possible she's gonna pee there.